The sitting members of the Friends of Dance at The University of Mary Washington are a collection of Mary Washington College and University of Mary Washington dancers and instructors. Our goals focus on supporting current and prospective dance students at UMW, uniting the dance community on campus and in the Fredericksburg community, and awarding scholarships to dancers who showcase outstanding commitment to dance in the UMW and Fredericksburg communities.

As a collection of dancers united by Fredericksburg and Mary Washington College, the core members of the Friends of Dance formed in Gail Conway's living room in a discussion to promote dance classes to students at the college. The result endowed a scholarship for students who excelled in dance, in hopes that dance classes would continue to foster creativity and dance on campus after the Board of Visitors voted to phase out the dance major in 1993. 

Sitting Members:

Suzanne R. Bevan, Mary Washington College '80, Sacred Dance Ensemble of Fredericksburg dancer
Gail Conway, Mary Washington College '86, Sacred Dance Ensemble of Fredericksburg dancer
Jean Graham Hunt, Mary Washington College '72, MWC Dance Faculty '77-'96
Mary Katherine Greenlaw, Sacred Dance Ensemble of Fredericksburg dancer, Fredericksburg Mayor
Becky Lallande, University of Mary Washington '12, Sonja Dragomanovic Haydar Scholarship Recipient
Florence Overley Ridderhof, Mary Washington College '50, Sacred Dance Ensemble of Fredericksburg dancer
Heather Spring Sieck, Mary Washington College '96, Claudia Moore Reed Scholarship Recipient
Rosalind Whitescarver, Mary Washington College '71, MWC, UofR, and VCU Dance Faculty
Vicky Nichols Wilder (chair), Mary Washington College '80, Sacred Dance Ensemble of Fredericksburg dancer, UMW Dance Faculty

Beverly Mendez, UMW Dance Professor 1998-current
Roxann Rowley, UMW Dance Professor 2011-current


Katherine Aaslestad
Diane Aldrich
Edward Alvey
Virginia Harrison Antoe
Margery E. Arnold
Lisa Snape Avery
Barbara Barden
Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Beck
Mary Beddard
Suzanne and Bob Bevan
Kevin Kellie Shanahan Bird
Lauri M. Black
Jenifer Blair
Jean Boyd
Barbara Trosper Braithwaite
Christine Brandt
Betty Breeden
Susan Breedin
Lynn Brown
Amanda Burge
John and Mary Burge
Jean Calloway
Rosie C. Canizaree
Betsy Martin Carden
Mary Smith Carson
Alice Radler Casey
Polly Updegraff Champ
Catherine Cogut
Alice Collins
Rebecca Collinson
Christine Doumas Conlin
Gail and David Conway
Mrs. Teri Thebodeaux Cueman
Dr. Claire Cole Curcio
Mary Jane Bassett Currier
Karen Dahmer
Mrs. James Dodd
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Doumas
Gail Edlund
Lew and Martha Fickett
Ren Fields
Sarah Pack Fischer
Stacy L. Fisher
Ranelle Flurie
Mrs. C Warren Forbush
Virginia Ann Freeman
Dara Zitzmann Friedberg
Danie and Laurie Frohock
Jon and Susan Brooks Gaspich
Margaret Grasselli
Miriam Greenberg
Michael Greenfield
Christine Griezin
Chris Hallberg
Cindy Hancock
Jean P. Hanky
Jean Foster Harris
Sonja Haydar
Mini Helmuth
Doug Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Duval Q. Hicks
Lisa Howard
Jim and Shannon Howell
Carol Pope Howerton
Jean and David Hunt
Richard and Mrs. Hurley
David Jennings
Peggy Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Kim Stambaugh Jureckson
Suzanne B. Kessler
Mrs. Frances King
Benjamin & Sherry W. Kramer
Mykal and Sabine Kvenborg
LoAnn Todd Lawless


Julie Finn and Daryl Lease
Suzan Scurria Letwenski
David and Barbara Lewandrowski
Jolie Marie Long
Kern Loughran
Sherry Love
Lucy Lutterbie
Dr. and Mrs. C. Rosser Massey, III
Minnie Brooks Rainey Mayberry
William and Ann McAvoy
Chuck and Maggie McCormack
Mr. and Mrs. H. Smith McKann
Joe and Sandra McNure
Jennifer McNure
Suzanne  Meinick
Beverly Mendez
Dr. and Mrs. A. R. Merchent
Robert and Barbara Mirabello
Sally Hanger Moravitz
Gary M. and Erin Weimert Morgan
Elmer and Marceline Morris
Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd Moss
Lu Mothershead
Margaret Ann Shelton Nichols
Douglas Noble
Edith Ott
March Palacino
Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Pappandreou
Michael Paulson
Ann Pflugshaupt
Anne Riely Popper
Denise Porter Purvis
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Quarles, III
William and Virginia Quirey, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Raymond
Mr. Charles L. Read
Mrs. Florence Ridderhof
Eugene Roscoe
Mrs. John B. Rose
Josiah and Anne Rowe
Elizabeth Schaadt
Catherine Schane
Mary K. Schmotzer
Lucy Mae C. Scott
Heather M. Spring Seick
Carolyn Seklii
Victoria Shiflet
Mr. and Mrs. Simpson
Nancy Snyder
Mary Ellen Stephenson
June Steppe
Mrs. Frances W. Stevens
Fran Taylor
Priscilla Gray Teeter
George VanSant
Charis Wallace
Paulette Watson
Elizabeth N. Watson
Kaye Weinstein
Kenneth and Rosalind Whitescarver
Marty and Vicky Wilder
Mrs. J.M.H. Willis
Jamie Wilson
Janet F. Wishner
Mrs. Prince B. Woodard
Patricia Zavadic



SunTrust Foundation
Mobil Oil Company
Martinique School of Dance
Best Western Fredericksburg
Burton Fuller Management, Inc.
Dance & Gym Expressions

We are incredibly thankful to all of our donors and contributors to the community of dance at the University of Mary Washington and Fredericksburg. Thank you.