Recipients of the Claudia Moore Reed Dance Scholarship or the Sonja Dragomanovic Haydar Dance Scholarship are dancers who have been outstanding in keeping dance alive at the University of Mary Washington. In addition to demonstrating academic excellence and financial need, these students will have contributed to the dance community a UMW by taking dance classes and participating in dance organizations. The students who receive the scholarships will also be accomplished dancers on stage, good choreographers, and have demonstrated a desire to use dance in their future pursuits. Scholarships recipients are selected by a small committee from Friends of Dance with consultation with the dance instructors at the University.

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Inaugural Scholarship Recipients

1993-1994 Jennifer McNure, Gina Hernandez, Jennifer Green Flint
1994-1995 Alison Knuth, Jennifer Green Flint


Claudia Moore ReEd Scholarship

1995-1996 Heather Spring Sieck
1996-1997 Darcy Hart Parker, Angela Risser
1997-1998 Emily Shanaberger deFiesta
1998-1999 Dara Zitzmann
1999-2000 Sarah Pack Fischer
2000-2001 Katie Jantzi
2001-2002 Damion Bond
2002-2003 Erin Weimert
2003-2004 Kimberly Pittman
2004-2005 Susanne Mirabello
2005-2006 Jessica Polledri, Anna Synnestvedt
2006-2007 Renee Dalrymple
2007-2008 Amanda Schlener, Kelley Walsh
2008-2009 Jullian Guido
2009-2010 Jane Ballard
2010-2011 Sarah Sanders
2011-2012 Amanda Johnson, Jamia Jordan
2012-2013 Molly Baldovin
2013-2014 Gina Noh
2014-2015 Covenant Babatunde
2015-2016 Emily Bruch
2016-2017 Michayla Rice
2017-2018 Lauren Mort
2018-2019 Daniel Schaub


Sonja Dragomanovic Haydar Scholarship

1995-1996 Not awarded
1996-1997 Not awarded
1997-1998 Robyn Oliver Hedges
1998-1999 Andrea Schmidt Miller
1999-2000 Sarah Lyon
2000-2001 Laura Keyser
2001-2002 Suzanne Lewis
2002-2003 Kellie Shanahan
2003-2004 Elizabeth Randall, Christina Coleman
2004-2005 Renee Dalrymple
2005-2006 Elizabeth Grace Randall
2006-2007 Jennifer Moore
2007-2008 Krista Dray
2008-2009 Kristin Gauta
2009-2010 Emily Sack
2010-2011 Rebecca Lallande
2011-2012 Kate Miller, Amy Newcomb
2012-2013 Gaelyn Quirey
2013-2014 Lauren Armstrong
2014-2015 Bethany Alley
2015-2016 Emily Byers
2016-2017 Taylor Shelton
2017-2018 Karly Forrest
2018-2019 Michayla Rice


Vicky Nichols Wilder and Florence Overley Ridderhof Scholarship in Dance

2016-2017 Molly Bowling
2018-2019 Isabella Gordineer

Thoughtful Letters of Thanks

October 2017

Dear Friends of Dance at UMW,

My name is Karly Forrest, and I am a graduate students at the University of Mary Washington, studying Elementary Education. I am writing to you today to thank you for the Sonja D. Haydar Scholarship i Dance that I am receiving for the 2017-2018 school year. 

I am so honored to have received this scholarship this year because the dance community at Mary Washington has been such a huge part of my life in the past four years! Although I was unable to study dance in my time here, I took as many classes as my schedule allowed and will continue to try my best to support the dance program we do have as an alumna, while also reaching out to the community as a dance instructor. Thank you again for this amazing scholarship! It will lessen the financial burden of graduate school, while allowing me to continue to enjoy doing what I love to do: dance!

Karly Forrest

November 2015

Dear Friends of Dance at UMW:

I am honored to have received the Sonja Dragomanovic Haydar Scholarship in Ballet.  Thank you for this wonderful recognition in the Mary Washington Dance Community.  

I appreciate all of your dedication to the arts in Fredericksburg and continued support of its growth.  I feel very fortunate to have been involved in the local dance world for the majority of my life.  I enjoy watching it evolve and transform into something I am very proud to have been and continue to be a part of.  

As the recipient of Mrs. Haydar’s Scholarship, I am proud to continue performing, instructing, and organizing dance activities under each one of your blessings.  

With great love and appreciation,
Emily Byers

Sonja Dragomanovic Haydar Scholarship Recipient, 2015-2016

May 2014

Dear Ms. Wilder,

     Thank you so much for the honor of the CLaudia Moore Read Scholarship in Dance! I know that I am truly a blessed girl to have been able to have the opportunity for the scholarship and I am so grateful to you all at Friends of Dance for this chance.

     I am so grateful to PAC and the dance department here at UMW because of the wonderful dance classes that got me started and because of the community of dancers that has enriched my life. I learned to dance here at UMW and I am so happy to have been able to dance these past four years of my UMW career.

     I hope to see the UMW dance department continually growing and that when I come back to visit I can see dance being pursued by many students.

Thank you Friends of Dance.

Gina Noh

Claudia Moore Read Scholarship Recipient, 2013-2014

December 2013

Friends of Dance, 

       I hope you receive this letter in good spirits and great health! Not only is this time of year a special time to be thankful, it always reminds us of how blessed and appreciative we are for friends and family. I am especially grateful for everyone who dedicates their time and efforts with Friends of Dance to help inspire and encourage the dream of dance. Without the wonderful people in the Mary Washington dance community and the inspiring atmosphere it possesses, my dream would have never come to light. With your generous contribution to my education, I am so excited for all of the possibilities that my future holds. I have been doing more research in graduate programs for arts management while trying to find a way to still actively involve myself in dance. I've applied to a number of business internships in the field of dance and I plan on searching for more. Ever since I received the Sonja Dragomanovic Haydar Ballet Scholarship, I have been even more inspired to involve myself further with dance at UMW. In the upcoming semester I plan on choreographing more, taking dance classes, joining the dance team, and helping to create and push advertisements around campus and in the Fredericksburg area for the Student-Faculty Dance Concert.

     I am so thankful for your help in furthering my education, and for that I will continue to support dance at Mary Washington even after I graduate.

Best Wishes,
Lauren Armstrong

Sonja Dragomanovic Haydar Scholarship Recipient, 2013-2014