How to Donate

The Friends of Dance work to provide two scholarships for students of dance at the University of Mary Washington to honor the past and future of the Mary Washington dance community. After over 20 years of awarding scholarships, we have given more than 40 scholarships with a total of over $25,000 dollars to students who are active in dance at Mary Washington and in the larger community. Every contribution matters.

Monetary Contributions

Donate directly to the Friends of Dance by following the instructions for Online Donations or Mail Donations below. Online donations are accepted through UMW's Arts for the Community website on their Online Giving Portal, accessible by clicking the following "Become A Friend" button. Make sure to select "Friends of Dance" in the drop down in the "Please allocate my gift to" line.

Instructions for Online Donations:
Go to
Click On: Become a Friend
Click On: UMW's Online Giving Site
Select: Friends of Dance in the allocation drop down


Instructions for Mail Donations:
Make check to: Friends of Dance at UMW
Mail to: UMW Foundation
Jepson Alumni Center
1119 Hanover Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401