The UMW Performing Arts Club Presents "Beyond Reach"

The UMW PAC dance concert opened with a hypnotizing contemporary dance composed of sharp movements and captivating visuals. As Imagine Dragon's "Radioactive" played over the speakers in Dodd Auditorium, audience members began a journey through eighteen diverse dances choreographed by UMW students and alumni. The variety in dance styles and music offered a dance concert that showcased every dance style that one could ask for: contemporary, modern, jazz, tap, musical theatre, ballet, pointe, and even multiple kinds of hip hop.

UMW PAC dancers gather for an audition day at the beginning of each semester and meet weekly with choreographers to master choreography and style for about 2 1/2 months. The result is the bi-annual "Big Show" dance concert that showcases individuality, creativity, and techniqueAfter a week of tech rehearsals in Dodd Auditorium in George Washington Hall, PAC dancers perform their hard work on stage with the accompaniment of Dodd Auditorium's facilities and lighting designers. Dancers often refer to tech week as "the second most wonderful time of the year" (as the holidays are the first), and when he curtains close after the last performance, dancers already begin to anticipate what the next semester will bring.

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